Experimental posting

Hi. This of very much an experimental post. I’ve recently got a new phone and installed the wordpress app.

I guess in light of the days events there can only really be one thing to talk about. We have seen, live and in high definition, a tragedy of massive scale. The lives of certainly hundreds and likely thousands have been lost, and millions affected.

All I can day is that I hope the local and international communities are strong enough to protect those folks now in great need. They will need food, water and medicine. Many will need shelter having seen their homes destroyed.

For more information on what actually happened to cause this, there’s a good Discover Magazine article here. Frighteningly, it describes how much worst it could have been.

I was really concerned earlier in the day when I heard that a nuclear reactor had lost its coolant system. I’m no nuclear physicist, but nuclear thinness going wrong scare the life out of me. Luckily, it seems that the alert was mostly a routine reaction, rather than a real scare.

I know that many other sites will be linking to the astonishing scenes of those giant black waves crushing farmhouses, sweeping along cars and galloping over fields. I’m not going to, because powerful as those scenes are, I struggle to watch then knowing that there’s a good chance there are people dying in some of those buildings. It makes me feel really uncomfortable and voyeuristic.

For info on how to help;
Red cross
Global giving

Edited to add: I’ve seen it said that there unsung hero of ask this is going to be the massive amounts of preparation sand planning that had gone into earthquake and flood defense in Japan. True, good engineering saves lives.

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