Lancaster SitP?

I have decided that I quite fancy having another interesting and stimulating thing to do.  Lancaster is unfortunately a bit remote from lots of interesting stuff going on in the likes of Manchester and Liverpool, and is even more remote from Glasgow and That London.

Having just decided that I’m staying here for a while at least, I thought I might make my own entertainment, as my mother always said I should. Given that I really enjoy discussing science and skepticism, and spend quite a bit of time listening to podcasts, reading blogs and discussing things on forums, I thought I might have a go at organising a Skeptics in the Pub.

At the moment, this is a bit of a pipe dream, and I’m a busy guy. I start a new job next week, I’ve got school governor duties, I’m thinking of making #RASCAL (I’ll get this written up soon, or see Twitter) a regular thing, I’m a the Director for a company, I’m probably going to be Treasurer for a Community Land Trust, and my girlfriend moves home after a year abroad in a month, so it may be that I don’t really have time for this. However, I’m keen on the idea, and would be happy to crack on with it when I  get chance.

What I would need is a bit of guidance on how to set this up. Does there need to be a formal society? How do I get linked in to the circuit of speakers already doing these? Any tips on marketing? How does this relate to other SitP groups? Does anyone want to help me?

I’ll give updates as I know more.

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