Lancaster Skeptics in the Pub – So far and what next

So, Lancaster Skeptics in the Pub is six months old. Time for a quick re-assessment – overall it’s very positive, but there are a couple of things I need to think about, and maybe some I could do with some help on.

I want to say a big thank you to all of the speakers we have had so far:

These have all been very different, interesting and fun for me, and I hope also for the people who have come along. These people give up their time for free, travelling from Leicester, London and Winchester.

Coming up, we have confirmed:

and I am working on a few more that should be very exciting.

It seems people must be enjoying it, as we seem to have a solid group of people turning up regularly, and it has been great to meet a whole bunch of new people, and see some old faces in a different setting. We have people coming regularly from the Lancashire Secular Humanists (who kindly advertise in their newsletter and write up each event on the blog), and different university groups such as the philosophy society and the humanist society. The rest of the audience is just your average mix of tech geeks, philosophers, teachers and science nerds.

I’d also like to plug the blog of one of our regulars, Sir Lancs Allot, which despite being local to me I hadn’t come across before, and I am very slowly looking over now.

Finally, thanks to The Park Hotel for hosting us – their equipment and frankly ridiculous room rent makes it possible to keep going financially. A room like that could cost a lot more, making the whole enterprise more expensive than I could really put up with.

So, that’s all the positive stuff. There is one main downside. I am currently working away a great deal and have quite a bit on my plate, and so am not really around to push on things like advertising. What I would like, if possible, are some volunteers to help me out a bit. The jobs are likely to be pretty boring, but will help the whole thing tick over. So, please get in touch if you’re interested in helping:

  • Design posters
  • Print posters
  • Distribute posters
  • Manage the Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Manage the mailing list
  • Pester people for money

I would also like a bit of local media presence – if people have links to local press or radio stations that they can pull in, please let me know.

However, I would also like to think about growing a bit, and getting involved in things other than just the Skeptics in the Pub. I would be happy to discuss any ideas that people have that we could do as Lancaster Skeptics, whether on our own or in conjunction with other organisations – the Secular Humanists, other local Skeptics groups, or the university or schools. If we are going to grow like this, we need to think about what Lancaster Skeptics looks like and how people are involved in it.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post, contact:



#LanSitP #LanSkep

    • skeptichamster
    • February 23rd, 2012

    Just in case you haven’t read my email- I realise that you’re busy- I’d like to volunteer for anything that you need help with. I have time and am willing to commit. 🙂

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