Today at the shops I got… (a grudge against a dangerous driver)

Today I will nominate a black Vaxhaull Astra driver (see edit at bottom) for cunt of the week. Please read at least the last paragraph to see if you can help me find them, and the rest to see why you should.

I cycle about 120 miles a week at the moment, and always wear a helmet. This evening to do a 3 mile round trip I didn’t bother. Whether that’s a really good thing I don’t really know.

I had just down a short steep hill, onto a flatter but still downhill bit. I was going straight on. A black Astra was coming up the road, and turning right across my path. It stopped as we approached, I assumed because I clearly had right of way and no way would it get safely across me. All good so far.

But then, having stopped and held for a second, it went to turn. I was a few metres and carrying speed. I slammed on the anchors, and it’s a bit of a haze from there. I remember lying on the road seeing my blood coming from my head. I remember a part of me screaming at me to get up – get either safe or ready. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t even get to my hands and knees. I couldn’t see properly, I couldn’t focus, and not just because my glasses had come off.

I remember seeing three cars pulled in in the moments after – the black Astra (I think, partly because that’s what another witness said it was), one woman who I think saw it called Nicole, and a couple who saw me lying in the road and decided to help out. Nicole, the witness, phoned the police. Kathryn was, luckily, a first aider and a good bosser-abouter, and so as I regained composure she checked my neck wasn’t broken and got me to the pavement. Her husband, whose name I didn’t get took my bike back to mine and told my wife that I’d fallen off.

The black Astra vanished. I assume they saw me bleeding from my head and face, and unable to get up. Because of them. And they left.

The ambulance people and coppers were great. I was in A&E for a while, but I was awake, responsive and clearly not in too much pain, so I perfectly understand that I wouldn’t be top priority. My doctor was young looking, but very pleasant and reassuring, and I’m assuming competent. The nurse was no-nonsense and a bit bossy – she kept telling me to get off my phone – which is perfect for the Saturday night drunk shift. After X-ray showed a fractured arm but nothing else, I have an appointment in the fracture clinic tomorrow morning.
So today when I went to the shops I got the inability to train for a big charity bike ride, a cancelled first wedding anniversary weekend, twisted handlebars, a smashed set of prescription Oakleys, a few stitches in my left eye socket, a badly grazed knee and shoulder, superglue in my head, massively swollen and tender but not broken back and ribs, and a fractured arm, and a serious desire to have words with the driver of a particular black Astra. I count myself lucky.


They started straightImage

Update – I have managed to claim for my bike and prescription sunglasses on insurance now, so I’m thankfully financially square except my excess and loss of no claims.

The witness seems to have said it was a Mondeo when asked the next day, which I’m sure is wrong. It was a small/medium black car, not a family saloon.

It seems that there is no cctv of the incident itself, and I don’t think there has been any joy in identifying the car responsible.

However, thinking again about my injuries and having heard snippets of the witness reports, I clearly hit the car, and fairly hard. I have badly bruised spine and ribs, and minimal scratching, which is clearly impact.

So THAT means that somewhere out there is a black small/medium black that took some damage on Saturday evening, probably to the left hand side, and probably to the rear.

If you have noticed any cars that this fits – and I am not at all confident of the make /model – please let Lancaster police know on 01524 63333, or you can contact me.


    • Dave Leack
    • July 28th, 2013

    Holy crapola!
    Whereabouts was this?
    There are no words. Which also means you’ll have to find something else to do with the driver because, as I said, there are no words.
    Hope you recover quickly and completely.
    (Gah! Your golf swing! )

    • At the bottom of Moor Lane – I was heading down toward the Dukes, they were turning into the little road next to the car park.

      4 weeks for normal usage, 6 for heavier stuff – not sure where golf fits with that.


        • Dave Leack
        • July 28th, 2013

        From the look of your drive golf is heavier stuff. Possibly even heavier than the heavier stuff they were considering at the time.
        In my imagination, the driver is feeling utterly wretched. Whether that’s true or not I have no idea. Hope it is.

  1. Glad you’re MOSTLY OK, given the circumstances. It’s a bout time we stood up to these bastard fuck-brain-shit-head thugs behind wheels. Personally I believe in public stocks and ritual abuse for this sort of car-crime. I’m otherwise quite liberal in my attitudes. But idiots/thugs in cars are very dangerous, and often do far worse things. Every day someone is killed in traffic crimes of some sort but I don’t hear the Mail calling for cars to be banned.

  2. What an utter prick. Dangerous driving is one thing, but to flee the scene takes a special kind of lowlife. I hope the police find them, not only to punish them for what they did to you, but also to prevent them doing it again. Sadly it’s not a rare occurrence, but I’m glad you got looked after straight away and that you didn’t suffer alone.
    Get well soon, and look after your arm!

    • thisispads
    • July 31st, 2013

    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    Another reason to always wear a helmet is it can be the host for a GoPro camera. They’re really good for incidents like this.

    Seriously, invest in one.

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